Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and System for the National Drought Management Authority

Objectives of the Project:
The objective of this project was to develop a robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework and System that will provide methodical process towards regular systematic gathering, capturing, analysis and dissemination of information on progress of the programmes, projects and activities at all levels. The framework was also used to enable the NDMA to determine its contribution towards achieving the Drought Risk Management/Ending Drought Emergencies Medium Term Plan for 2013-17.

Services Provided:
● To work with relevant NDMA Planning and Policy division and other staff to design and develop monitoring tools required to implement the new M&E system including identifying the training needs and training of staff where appropriate.
● Support rollout of new M&E system across NDMA’s operational and activity areas at national and county offices.

Country: Kenya
Sector: Sustainable Environment
Duration: 11/2013 – 06/2014
Client: National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)
Financing Agency: European Union

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