Consultancy Services to Undertake Diagnostic Studies in Programmes Managing Large Investment Projects Focusing on Agro Industrialisation and Water and Natural Resources

Objectives of the Project:
● To assess the performance of projects in terms of delivery on time, budget and to the specifications for the last five (5) years in the Agro Industrialization and Natural resources programmes;
● To assess the current Public Investment Management processes in the Agro Industrialization and Natural resources programmes in light of the on-going PIMS reforms in Uganda as a whole;
● To recommend improvements in to the current public Investment Management Processes in the Agro Industrialization and Natural resources programmes;
● Proposing specific action plans to fast track rolling out of the ongoing PIMS reforms Agro Industrialization and Natural resources programmes and all MDAs;
● Rolling out of the above referenced action Plan; and
● Undertake tailored capacity building across Government

Services Provided:
• Establish the accumulated counterpart financing requirements over the last ten years as well as the existing counterpart financing gaps for each of the Institutions within the programmes;
• Establish the cost overruns, as well as the Unit cost of undertaking the different projects in the two programmes;
• Ascertain the stock of created assets and the required funds for Operation and maintenance (O&M) to better inform future budget allocations;
• Establish the time overruns as well as attendant reasons for the delays in the execution of infrastructure projects in the referenced two programmes;
• Ascertain the Infrastructure project management systems, processes, efficiency levels and the attendant capacity to absorb funds for each of the identified institutions;
• Carry out project management needs and capacity analysis in each of the institutions covering project preparation, project/contract procurement, and scope, time, cost, payment, quality, communications, and risk management;
• Prepare and implement the project management capacity-building plan;
• Project Multi-Year Expenditure Commitment requirements for the programmes over the next five (5) Financial Years;
• Prepare and implement a corrective action plan for strengthening and deepening the on-going Public Investment Management System (PIMS) reforms within the programmes; and,
• Develop Terms of Reference for the Programme Working Groups, as well as the Project Preparation Committees (PPCs) for the institutions in view of programmatic approach to planning and budgeting.

Country: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 01/2022 – 11/2022
Client: Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development
Financing Agency: Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development

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