Due diligence of the Agro-industrial Project for Irrigated Rice Farming in Senegal

Objectives of the project
The specific goals of this mission are to inform and advise the ADB and the EIB in their process of assessing the project. More precisely, AESA East Africa’s main mission will be to conduct an independent counter-evaluation covering the farming, industrial, technical, commercial and financial aspects of the project.

Services Provided
● Evaluation of the project in terms of feasibility and the sponsor’s ability to implement it in compliance with the best practices in the sector.
● Evaluation of the project’s investment costs.
● Evaluation of the project’s operational expenses.
● Evaluation of the financial model.
● Evaluation of the contracts, risks and insurance policies.
● Drafting evaluation reports according to the timeframe given by the ToR

Country: Senegal
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 04/2015 – 10/2015
Client: Compagnie Agricole de Saint Louis (CASL), AfDB & EIB
Financing Agency: Compagnie Agricole de Saint Louis (CASL)

Other Projects

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