Capacity Building and Supply to the Sigor Wei-Wei Intergrated Development Project (SIWWIP-04).

Objectives of the Project:
The overall aim of the project is improvement of health, social and economic conditions for communities and population living in target areas.
The specific objective of the project is to enhance the efficiency of the Agricultural Production of the Kerio Valley Development Authority by enhancing training and supplying machinery while maximizing all the other available opportunities related to crop diversification

Services Provided:
● Strengthening capacity building on crop and water management
● Procuring and distributing equipment and materials to the beneficiaries and effective utilization of the irrigation scheme and relevant equipment supplied
● Enhancing sustainability of existing Wei Wei Farmers Associacion (WWFA) and Wei Wei Women Farmers Association
● Provision of service to support increased efficiency and profitability in production, marketing and value addition activities (agro-processing)
● Strengthening Marketing chains linkages, including enhanced access to basic services and facilities for enhanced value chain performance
● Improving crop management and quality of selected horticultural crops suitable for the area through on farm field demonstration with special attention to the support to value addition and marketing
● Improving KVDA Sigor fruit nursery and establishing two satellite fruit nurseries, in the scheme III
● Multiplying Papaya, banana and mango in the KVDA reinforced fruit nursery and distributing to selected model farmers/beneficiaries of the irrigation area III

Country: Kenya
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 07/2018 – 03/2024
Client: Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA)
Financing Agency: Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IAC)

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