Chesumot Development Project

Objectives of the Project:
To carry out a Feasibility Study to evaluate the viability of the project proposal.

Services Provided:
● Identification, selection and shortlisting of a number of private companies with very good track record in the Tea Value chain in East Africa and Kenya to submit a tender dossier to build the Specialty tea manufacturing plant with project financing option
● Preparation of a tender dossier to be submitted to the shortlisted companies (see point1)
● Acting as Procurement agent to follow up the tender procedure and selection of the best offer (best price-quality ratio will be applied to select)
● Conducting financial negotiation to finalize the awarding of the tender
● Drafting the works contract according to the international standards between Chesumot Ltd and the awarded Contractor
● Carrying out a screening on institutional financing opportunities available on the market (WB, AfDB, USAID, etc.) to identify the most appropriate financing scheme for the works and submission of a financial support application (in case a concrete opportunity is identified)

Country: Kenya
downloadSe Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 04/2017 – 05/ 2019
Client: Chesumot Limited
Financing Agency: Chesumot Ltd & Respective Banks

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