Comparative economic analysis of the potential impact of a rural roads programme on agricultural development in county clusters

Objectives of the Project:
The overall objective of this assignment is to assist the EU Delegation in deciding in which county cluster to implement a rural roads programme in support of its agricultural and livestock development in the ASAL. The decision would be guided by the county cluster with the highest agricultural potential that would be unlocked through investments in road infrastructure with climate proofed specifications.

Services Provided:
● Market locations with an indication of market frequency and market outputs, livestock trekking routes, natural and planted pastures areas, water points, Herd sizes and fragility factors (average drought morbidity, drought related diseases, etc) –
● Agriculture activities on rain fed, semi-permanent and permanent water.
● Permanent settlements with an indication of the associated primary schools and other social service as well as level of businesses around.
● Level of accessibility to main roads and urban centres including status of rural roads
● Priority given in the county planning for the development of the area
● County economic development strategic planning with foreseen short term and medium term investments
● County outputs economic data on agricultural/natural resources trade, value addition, etc.
● County current situation and planning on rural road infrastructure
● Inter-county economic strategy along the LAPSSET
● County strategy on security in rural areas.
● County demographic data if possible disaggregated by sub county, broad age group and gender.

Country: Rwanda
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 08/2015 – 11/2015
Client: EU Delegation to Kenya/ National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)
Financing Agency: European Union

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