Consultancy Services for an Enterprise Survey for the Fishery Sector in the United Republic of Tanzania

Objective of the Project:
The overall SWIOFish Program Development Objective is ‘to increase the sustainable economic benefits generated from SWIO marine fisheries, and the proportion of those benefits retained within the region.’ The Project Development Objective (PDO) for Phase 1 is ‘to improve the management effectiveness of selected priority fisheries at regional, national and community level’ and further aims at improving the governance of the fisheries.

Services Provided:
• Adapt the standard World Bank Core Investment Climate Survey questionnaire to the Tanzania fisheries sector, in particular adding a section exploring respondents’
• perceptions of priority interventions to improve their business environment;
• Translate the questionnaires from English into Kiswahili.
• Translate the questionnaires back from Kiswahili to English, using a different translator, to check accuracy of meaning prior to launching the survey.
• Produce both English and Kiswahili version of the questionnaires with the variable names used for data entry entered into the questionnaires next to the questions prior to launching the main survey.
• Draw up a list of all businesses in marine fisheries sector and related-sub-sectors, across scales, in association with the Client and local authorities. Numbers of informal sector businesses at local level can be estimated for purpose of sampling rather than individually identified. Construct a sample frame and draw a sample for the identified survey regions.

Country: Tanzania
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 07/2017 – 07/2018
Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Livestock and Fisheries
Financing Agency: World Bank

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