Consultant’s Services to Conduct Economic Statistics Data Collection, Analysis, Production Of Consumer Price Index And Capacity Building Of The Directorate Of National Statistics (DNS) And Statistical Departments In Federal Member States (FMSs)

Objectives of the Project:
The aim of the ‘Strengthening Institution for Economic Policy Management and Infrastructure Development’ ‘Project (SIEPMID) is to contribute to Somali’s economic recovery by building an effective and efficient national statistical system that will produce and disseminate reliable and timely statistical data for planning, policy and decision-making.

Services Provided:
1- Consumer Price Index Methodology
• Consumer prices index weights update;
• Procedures for quality adjustment and introduction of new goods and new outlet;
• The sampling methods applied;
• Advice and Coordinate on how to produce national CPI report;
• Elaboration of ways of CPI dissemination;
• Elaboration of bulletins both in English and Somali;
• Training for Prices Unit on the use of the Re-basing methodology;
• Participation in the workshop to present the new CPI.
• Buying selected CPI items from the respective areas for standardization of the CPI data collection
• Capacitate the Staff through on-job training for statistical concepts and statistical software (SPSS, STATA, R and Excel) packages for Data analysis and compilation
• Develop, standardize and harmonize data collection tools for various social statistical variables
2 – CPI National Data Collection
• Monthly Consumer Price Index data collection in Federal Member States Contract – Time Based Standard Request for Proposals – SRFP 53 / 100
• Organize and conduct staff training on: data collection using the international best practices/methods, standards/manuals and tools for CPI data collection
• Developing data collection tools and design a system for maintaining a suitable economic statistic including the collection, analyses, dissemination and storage
• Develop Technical tools and methods for maintaining a proper economic statistical system.
• Buy Sample CPI items (food categories) during data collection
3-Information Technology (IT)
• Install the Bank’s Africa Information Highway as a data management and dissemination tool for the National Statistical System;
• Processing of data and creation of a project-specific database based on the flows data management and mobile data collection applications
• Quality assurance on the supporting ICT infrastructure (e.g. application software, databases, servers, data storage, interfaces for harvesting data, user management, data center operations, etc.), network connectivity (including information security, internet connectivity, etc.), technical capacity (to manage existing/future systems), systems security arrangement and security measures, server room environment (power backup and air conditioning among others).
• Monthly update of the database and creation of working-form sub-bases for the project implementation needs

Country: Somalia
Sector: Economic Development
Duration: 12/2020 – 12/2021
Client: Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development
Financing Agency: African Development Bank (AfDB)

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