Developing a Regional East Africa Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (EA FLEGT) Strategy

Objectives of the Project:
The overall objective of the assignment is to develop an East Africa FLEGT Strategy that will promote the contribution of forest resources to socioeconomic development and forest product trade to spur economic integration and growth.

Services Provided:
● Providing a synthesis of the situation (synopsis) of Forest law and enforcement within the Partner States; and
● Review Partner States’ Forest and forest-related sectoral laws, (land tenure, land use, environmental laws/relevant to forest management e.g., Land and land use Act, Environment management Act and Agricultural Act etc)
● Review policies and legislation related to cross border forest product trade to include licensing procedures, documentation process, taxation and fees, measurement and standards and regulations
● Review the Partner States’ structural mechanisms to compliance.
● Identify challenges in implementing these laws in the member states.
● Evaluate the capacities of institutions to enforce the forest and forest-related laws
● Developed and formulated and EA FLEGT strategy clearly defining the following components inter alia:
Proposed Legal and institutional framework
Existing Policy and legal framework and proposed reforms (adequacy)
Implementation of awareness creation and Advocacy
Promotion of legal forest products trade within partner states and region
Implementation of knowledge and information sharing
Enhancing capacity building and skills development
Resource mobilization and Financing Mechanisms
Monitoring and Evaluation.

Country: EAC (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi)
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 06/2015 – 02/2016
Client: Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC)
Financing Agency: Partnership Fund

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