Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and System for the AFR (ACCESS FINANCE RWANDA)

Objectives of the Project:
● Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation framework that clearly defines goals and objectives of AFR interventions based on AFR log frame.
● Review existing tools (e.g., reports) and make suggestions on how best they can be improved and aligned to AFR goals and objectives.
● Train staff and partners in the implementation of the M&E framework.

Services Provided:
● Reviewed existing AFR project documents
● Facilitated the establishment of the M&E framework
● Developed and gained consensus on results frame matrix & Indicators
● Reviewed and where necessary designed new appropriate data collection tools
● Reviewed the existing reporting templates, designed, and recommended appropriate ones that align to the M&E framework.
● Carried out Consultations & Consensus building meeting with AFR staff and her partners
● Developed an operational manual M&E framework focusing on AFR interventions.

Country: Rwanda
Sector: Economic Development
Duration: 01/2014 – 03/2014
Client: Access Finance Rwanda (AFR)
Financing Agency: Access Finance Rwanda (AFR)

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