Elaboration of Forest Investment Plan

Objective of the Project:
The overall objective of this assignment is to produce a forest Investment Plan and also to develop a two investment projects based on the Green Climate Change (GCF) guidelines.

Services Provided:
• Carry out an analysis to define the key areas of FIP support to the REDD+ preparedness program in Rwanda and to the entire forestry sector;
• Carry out an analysis of the National Forest Policy and Strategies in the context of climate change in Rwanda;
• Document the agents and causes of deforestation and forest degradation in Rwanda and propose remedial measures, through programs, to counter deforestation and forest degradation;
• Analyse and propose, through programs, potential mitigation and adaptation measures in the forest sector in Rwanda including measures to enhance forest conservation, enhancing agroforestry initiatives, and improve biomass energy production and use efficiency;
• Carry out an extensive forestry stakeholders mapping and propose possible inclusive engagement mechanisms necessary to improve forest management in Rwanda;
• Conduct feasibility studies to develop Participatory Forest Management and forest based eco-tourism system to help implement the payment for environmental services (PES);
• Carry out institutional and policy analyses to determine institutional arrangements and decision making to inform long term capacity development and policy making;
• In view of the activities above, develop an Investment Plan (IP) that will help define long term investment arrangements and having programmatic projects to help in the forest management in Rwanda to reduce deforestation and forest degradation

Country: Rwanda
Sector: Environment & Climate Change
Duration: 06/2017 – 10/2017
Client: Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority
Financing Agency: African Development Bank (AfDB)

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