Institutional Support to the Kenyan Transport Sector

Objectives of the Project:
The purpose of this contract is to support Kenyan authorities in improving the governance and technical skills in the transport sector to develop a more efficient and safe transport system for increased productivity and reduced negative impacts on environment and the climate.

Services Provided:
The results achieved by the Contractor through this contract are:
• Result 1: support to main public stakeholders of the Kenyan transport sector to improve the sector governance as well as the planning, legal and regulation framework of the sector;
• Result 2: support to the Kenyan transport stakeholders to improve technical skills in priority areas;
• Result 3: support to the urban mobility sub sector stakeholders to improve the institutional framework of the sub sector, technical skills specific to the sub-sector, with a specific focus on transport modelling, and to allow successful implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit System.

Country: Kenya,,
Sector: Economic Development
Duration: 07/2017 – 07/2020
Client: European Union
Financing Agency: European Unio

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