On-Site Technical Assistance to the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centres of Excellence Secretariats in Georgia, Kenya and Morocco

Objectives of the project:
The main purpose of the project is to provide technical assistance to National Focal Points, National Teams, and other local actors through the deployment of experts in the field of CBRN risk mitigation in the above listed CoE regions.

Services Provided:
● The role of the National Focal Points and National Teams is strengthened and their cooperation effectiveness increased;
● The local partners (i.e. National Focal Points, CBRN National Teams, and Regional Secretariats are assisted in the implementation of their tasks;
● The quality and the effectiveness of the technical discussions on CBRN issues (and other related domains) amongst the local actors involved in the definition and/or the implementation of the projects is increased;
● Partner Countries have benefited of technical support to draft high quality targeted projects of regional concern, including terms of reference and technical specifications;
● Cooperation between PC and implementing agencies concerning project’s implementation is improved and the quality of the outcomes is increased;
● Smooth and clear coordination with EC management services and the EC Joint Research Centre on the CoE activities is ensured.

Country: Georgia, Kenya and Morocco
Sector: Social Development
Duration: 09/2015 – 10/2018
Client: EEAS – European External Actions Service
Financing Agency: European Union

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