The Development of ECOWAS Common Policy on Migration

Objectives of the Project:
To deliver technical assistance to the ECOWAS Commission that will contribute to achieving the following:
● Supporting the region’s ambition for more ‘people oriented’ and integrated ECOWAS.
● Using enhanced free movement and migration as a catalyst for the development of a stable and more peaceful regional economy
● Reducing barriers that inhibit the rights of residence and establishment, which also takes account of the ECOWAS diaspora.

Services Provided:
● A review of relevant background materials on the ECOWAS, including the ECOWAS Treaty and its Protocols related to free trade, free movement of persons.
● A targeted review of recent ECOWAS documents relating to migration within the Community.
● A review of other relevant literature, including those on trends and patterns on migration within the community.
● A review of common migration policies from other parts of the world
● Develop a Framework document on common Migration Policy, which also details an implementation plan, to assist the ECOWAS commission in implementation objectives including the following:
● A monitoring and evaluation mechanism and the central role of the ECOWAS Commission in the process.
● Execute a stakeholder Validation workshop on the Framework document in collaboration with the AfDB and the ECOWAS Commission.
● Finalise the policy framework document, incorporating comments and outcomes distilled from the stakeholder workshop.

Country: ECOWAS
Sector: Social Development
Duration: 05/2014 – 08/2014
Client: African Development Bank (AfDB)
Financing Agency: African Development Fund (ADF)

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