The Provision of Consultancy to Conduct Studies on Interlinkages Between Population, Dynamics, Health, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in Lake Victoria Basin and Studies on Rapid Assessment of Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Maternal, New-born, Child Health and Nutrition Needs of Communities Within The Mt. Elgon Regional Ecosystem Conservation Program

Objectives of the Project:
To institutionalize the integrated PHE approach into national and regional policies and frameworks, develop and operationalize a regional PHE framework for cooperation in the Lake Victoria Basin and to promote the integrated population, health and initiatives in Lake Victoria Basin environmental conservation.

Services Provided:
● Conduct a mapping exercise to identify organizations in Lake Victoria Basin and the Mt. Elgon Ecosystem implementing health and environmental conservation initiatives and document their potential to integrate PHE
● Establish the FP/RH/MNCH, Nutrition and environmental conservation needs and coping strategies of communities in Lake Victoria Basin and how they impede sustainable development
● Assess and document the PHE hotspots and best practices in Lake Victoria Basin
● Review the environment, health and economic development policies in the EAC Partner States and identify integration gaps and opportunities for mainstreaming Population, Health and Environment
● Facilitate a stakeholder’s workshop to validate the draft report of the PHE study.
● Building capacity on PHE at different levels nationally and regionally and Promoting advocacy for integrated PHE approaches in the region
● Establishing and strengthening PHE networks in all the EAC Partner States to facilitate propagation of the PHE concept in the region
● Generating and sharing programmatic and research evidence at macro and micro level
● Coordinating integration of voluntary family planning, reproductive health, maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition services into the environmental conservation programs of the Lake Victoria Basin
● Coordinating PHE activities of state and non-state actors in the Lake Victoria Basin
● Developing and operationalizing a regional integrated PHE Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for LVB, a regional PHE curriculum for universities, a one-stop regional information hub for PHE and disseminating PHE best practices
● Developing and operationalizing a regional integrated PHE Strategic Plan for the LVB and PHE Advocacy and Communication Plan
● Undertake a review of the available data in the health facilities and government records and document the FP coverage, FP unmet need, Child Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio in the selected communities
● Using participatory methodologies, document and prioritize the FP/RH/MNCH and Nutrition needs and coping strategies of selected communities implementing the MERECP Program
● Undertake an analysis to determine the existing linkages between the health and environment sectors, community-health facility referral systems and availability of Community Own Resource Persons providing FP/RH/MNCH and nutrition services.

Country: EAC (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi)
Sector: Social Development
Duration: 07/2014 – 06/2015
Client: Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC)
Financing Agency: United States Agency for International Development East Africa (USAID EA)

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